The phrase, “you are what you eat” is literally true. Nutrients from the foods you eat provide the foundation of the structure, function, and integrity of every little cell in your body, from your skin and hair to your muscles, bones, digestive and immune systems. You may not feel it, but you’re constantly repairing, healing and rebuilding your body. So what happens when you put garbage in your body – those highly processed, preservative laden, chemically enhanced foods? Your body can not do what it was designed to do opening us up to all kinds of illnesses and disease.

The good news: We’ve got a perfect program to help your digestive system reboot and start doing what it’s supposed to do for you! With the upcoming “food-focused” holidays approaching, now is the time to get a jumpstart on feeling good, eating better and developing your “armor” to combat the onslaught of calories coming your way.

21-DAY RESET Program:


We ALL need a Reset and Cellular cleanse from time to time, just like we need to change the oil in our cars!!!

9 Signs Your Body Needs a Reset:

  • Skin Breakouts
  • Bloating/Stomach Pains/Gas
  • Food Cravings
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue/Loss of Energy
  • Irritability
  • Congestion/ Constant Colds/Low Immune function

We have A 21-Day Reset Challenge Just for YOU! 

Feel invigorated, lose weight, and get back on track to better health in 21 days. In just 3 weeks, the Nourish to Flourish Reset will help gently cleanse your system. This gentle, no-starvation cleanse helps restore your body to its optimal “factory settings,” so you can feel and look healthier than before.

Here’s what comes with the 21 Nourish to Flourish Program:

  • 30 day supply of Superfood Shakes
  • Protein Powders
  • Nutritional Supplements for a complete, healthy, easy-on-the-body detox
  • 3 FREE Semi-Private Sessions at CorePhysique
  • Free Private Accountability Facebook group!
  • Free Core Accountibility Coach to encourage, answer questions, check-in with and take weekly measurements
  • Weekly Nutrition and Fitness Tips

And What Should You Expect After the Program???

💥Energy Boost❗️
💥Happier Stomach❗️
💥Better Digestion❗️
💥Relieved Occasional Indigestion❗️
💥Bathroom Regularity❗️
💥Restored Balance to Your Body’s System❗️

ARE YOU IN ?!?! 

Drop by the front desk at CorePhysique and enter your information on the sign up sheet by Friday, October 5th. We need your commitment by October 5th to have all the product ready to go by the start date of October 22nd. You can also email us or give us a call 770.663.0034 to let us know you are ready to Reset! Just provide us with your name, email and phone number so one of our accountability coaches can contact you with more details.

By now I bet you are asking…… how much for ALL this? You will never believe it… you can have all the above for only $275 (plus tax & shipping for the products). WOW!!! Hurry, time is a tickin’!