Written by Gail, Core Fitness Coach & Recovery Instructor

I can’t touch my toes. I’m not flexible. My hamstrings are so tight. My back is killing me. I am so sore. I’m tired. My shoulder is bothering me.

Sound familiar?

Many people are nervous or intimidated to try a Yoga/Recovery class. They are concerned that they won’t be able to ‘do it’.  Trust me, you’ll do just fine. If you are breathing and have a body, you can practice yoga.

I get it. For years it was all about working out for me- going fast, pushing hard. I viewed yoga as slow and boring.

Then came the aha moment for me. Practicing yoga and stretching is not only a workout but also a work-in.

There are many physical benefits to a yoga practice- increased strength, stamina, flexibility, improves posture, gait and ability to balance and focus. Yoga can uplift you if you are feeling down or stressed. It can relax you if you are feeling high strung, soften your edges if you’re feeling tense and energize you if you are feeling tired.

Yoga is not about fancy poses or twisting your body into outrageous shapes. Yoga is about turning your energy inward so that you can then live your life with an abundance of energy. Yoga can teach you how to find comfort in the uncomfortable. Yoga can reveal to you how strong and resilient you are; in mind, body and spirit.

Our unifying interest as humans is to live a full life with peace, love and happiness. This comes about in different ways for each one of us but, in my experience, practicing yoga has helped me to see the joy in the moment and in all of my life, no matter what challenges I face. By learning how to quiet the mind, to be present and calm we become more aware of what really and truly matters; enabling us to live our lives with appreciation and gratitude.

If you have any interest in feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally, give yoga a try.