December 28, 2018

Chrissy is a rockstar. She has suffered back pain in the past and had to start off slow with us. Chrissy has done a great job listening to her body, and trusting the trainers to keep her pain free. Chrissy wanted to get back into endurance racing and also shed some body fat the she had put on. She hit both of those goals this year. It is so inspiring to see someone who has almost given up to someone that has taught us all not to give up. Way to go Chrissy!

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself  
I am 48 years old.  My husband Joe and I have been married for 19 years.  I started working part time at MetLife when I had my first child.  I have 2 children. My son Josh is 16 and my daughter Lindsey is 13.  I’ll mostly attend the 5:45 am classes since I’m typically busy with the kids sports in the afternoons.  I wanted to work on my “core” to help my lower back pain.  I found CorePhysique and became a member at last year (Aug 2017).

What Did You Do Exercise-Wise Before CP? 
I had done 1 sprint triathlon in 2011, a few indoor triathlons, running, CrossFit,  then I began coaching my kids youth soccer teams, but was sidelined in 2015 for 2 years with lower back pain.

What Is Your FAVORITE Exercise/Body Part to Work On? 
Anything I can do to incorporate HEAVY weights into a workout! I find legs are easier for me, but I’m enjoying seeing more definition in my arms lately.  If I had to pick one specific exercise, it would be kettlebell swings!

What Is Your HATED Exercise/Body Part to Work On? 
Abs, for example V-Ups are a real struggle for me! Can I blame it on having 2 c-sections?

What Type of Music Gets Your Heart Rate Up? 
I like all different genres of music for work outs, but 80s/90s, pop/Hip Hop and Rock n Roll work for me!

Do You Exercise On Your Non-CorePhysique Days?  
I try to have at least 1 or 2 rest days. But if I miss a morning class, I’ll probably be running and/or cycling as I’m training for the August 70.3 triathlon in September 2019.

What Is Your Favorite Cheat Food(s)?
Ice Cream (or really any dessert) &  Wine/Alcohol

If You Had A “Me” Day (exercise not necessary), What Would It Look Like? 
I’d probably have a “pamper day” of getting my hair and nails done, then maybe a massage.  I would have reservations at a favorite restaurant for a cheat meal.

Who Is Your Biggest Supporter? 
My twin sister Caren, my family and friends and everyone in the early 5:45 am classes!

What Keeps You Coming Back To CorePhysique? 
I’ve made myself a priority. I’m seeing the results of my hard work even though it’s taken awhile!  I feel comfortable at CorePhysique to change up an exercise to fit my needs (if my knees or back is bothering me).

What Is The Best Thing That Has Changed About Your Life Since Committing To A Healthy Lifestyle? 
Not only has my physical appearance changed (I’ve lost 15 lbs since I started CorePhysique), but I have so much more energy.  When I wasn’t seeing the results with exercising alone, I’ve incorporated diet changes (almost a whole30(ish) approach).  Now I’m comfortable with my food choices, and if I do decide to have a cheat food, it’s done in moderation. It’s all about balance!