August 28, 2018

Elizabeth has been such a bright light at CorePhysique. She always comes in ready to work and never complains about being in the gym. As trainers, we love when she shows up for a class. She always gives the gym a positive vibe. Although she has only been with us a short time, you can see how she has transformed into a more confident person—proud of what she has already accomplished at the gym! We are proud of you too Elizabeth!

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself  
I am 42 years old, originally from South-Africa my husband and I moved to Alpharetta 6 years ago with 3 of our children, Christiaan (15) Estelle (13) and Heinrich (8), we were planning on an adventure for 6 months and ended up loving the community so much we stayed, we now also have a 2 year old little American, Nicolaas. I used to work for the questioned document unit as a forensic analyst, before children, but I’ve been a full-time mom for the last 15 years. Having a baby at 40 was the hardest thing I have ever done, honestly after 2 years I was feeling discouraged, tired, overweight and weak..I saw an advertisement for a Six-Week Challenge on Facebook and made a decision to give it a try.

What Did You Do Exercise-Wise Before CP? 
Tennis, walking.

What Is Your FAVORITE Exercise/Body Part to Work On?
Weight training.

What Is Your HATED Exercise/Body Part to Work On? 

What Type of Music Gets Your Heart Rate Up? 
90’s Hard Rock.

Do You Exercise On Your Non-CorePhysique Days?  
I play tennis and walk with Nicci in his stroller.

What Is Your Favorite Cheat Food(s)?

If You Had A “Me” Day (exercise not necessary), What Would It Look Like? 
A day of sleep and being alone with no schedule!

Who Is Your Biggest Supporter? 
My husband and older children, they watch Nicolaas so I can go to the gym.

What Keeps You Coming Back To CorePhysique? 
It has been such a positive experience, the trainers are motivating and inspiring.

What Is The Best Thing That Has Changed About Your Life Since Committing To A Healthy Lifestyle? 
I love feeling stronger, I sleep better, have more energy, great mood… I wish I made a commitment to fit CorePhysique into my busy schedule sooner. Make it work, it’s worth it!