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What better way to kick off the Alpharetta Farmers Market than partnering up with two of our favorite business neighbors to be able to offer:

Glow-Mossas to Market! 

Stop by Core57 before or during the Alpharetta Farmers Market to get a tasty delight – sure to refresh! The Glow-Mossa is a delicious combination of Kale Me Crazy’s “The Glow” juice and Fermented’s bubbly Casa Defra Prosecco.
“The Glow” from Kale Me Crazy is cold-pressed fresh daily, with organic and GMO free pineapples, grapefruit and turmeric. Really good for a Vitamin C boost and great for joint health.
Casa Defra (the house of the brothers) was founded in 1908 in a small estate in front of the Berici hills, Vicenza. Today Casa Defrà represents the best selection of the Berici vine growers, an enlarged family with long tradition and passion. Be sure to stop into Fermented Wine and grab a bottle!