Are we suppose to have a purpose in life? What is that one purpose?

Written by Fran, Core Trainer

Some of us have spent most of our lives wondering these two questions. When my dad passed in 2003, I pondered at what his purpose was in life. See, he had MS and his struggles were real and challenging on a daily basis. I watch what this disease does to a person and saw it gradually took this one human being away part by part. Asking why would God have done this to him? What was his purpose in a world where he had so many struggles?

After his death I began to understand he had so many passions – being a husband, being a dad, greeter at church, polished brass candle holders and plates in the chapel, saw weekly HS football games or Jr College Basketball, reading western books, listening to Johnny Cash and going to the lake. Many of us struggle because we try to find that ONE thing that we are meant to do; but trying to find only one thing is the reason why we feel like something is missing much of the time. The notion that we have only one thing we are meant for limits us from fulfilling our greatness. My dad had more than just one purpose in life. He had many passions. He was passionate about living his best life no matter what the challenges were.

I started to think about myself and my life over time and realized I have several different job titles. I’m a nurse, mom, wife, teacher, designer, dog lover and each thing I do brings me joy, but none of these are my purpose, they are my passions. We lose out in life if we are constantly looking for that one purpose in our life. So start getting in touch with your passions! When you lead a passionate life you are living your life on purpose.