Regan Medzhibzher
May 30,2018

Regan, who can be found pushing towards red zone and singing along to her favorite 90’s jams during class, is our Member of the Month! She has been a loyal member of Core Physique for quite some time and never lets a negative word come out of her mouth. Her positivity is contagious! Every time she visits Core, she gets at least one other member to smile. We have never seen her have a bad day. We are so happy to have you as a member Regan!

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself  
Global gal with southern roots. I grew up in small town Jasper, GA with half twin sisters and 2 step brothers. We were a Brady bunch… but mostly country bumpkins. We had the opportunity to live in Heidelberg, Germany for a year (never mind it was my SENIOR year of high school) but honestly it was probably one of the best times of my life that shaped who I am today and opened my eyes to the greater world. It influenced my studies at UGA (Goooo Dawgs!) where I met my husband who is also a member, Leonid. We have 2 vibrant kids, Reese (7) and Parker (4) that you’ve probably seen running around the gym. When I’m not a wife and mom, I’m the Creative Director for Compass Group who feeds Google, Apple, Mercedes Benz Stadium, Phillips Area, Northside Hospital, Coca-Cola, Westminster, Kentucky Derby, Wimbledon and many more. My friend, Rebecca Arbery introduced me to Core August 2016 and I’ve never looked back. The 5:45 classes worked perfectly for my schedule at the time and reintroduced me to a lifestyle that I missed since becoming a mom. It’s my “me time”.

What Did You Do Exercise-Wise Before CP? 
Tennis, Rollerblading and an occasional 5k.

What Is Your FAVORITE Exercise/Body Part to Work On?
I love LOWER and TRX. My favorite combo is the Metcon/TRX on Fridays!

What Is Your HATED Exercise/Body Part to Work On? 
Definitely Burpees.

What Type of Music Gets Your Heart Rate Up? 
Anything 80s, 90s or Bruno.

Do You Exercise On Your Non-CorePhysique Days?  
Does jumping on the trampoline or Wii Golf count?

What Is Your Favorite Cheat Food(s)?
Chips, Queso, French Fries and Alcohol.

If You Had A “Me” Day (exercise not necessary), What Would It Look Like? 
Mani/Pedis, shopping and maybe a little dancing to some live music.

Who Is Your Biggest Supporter? 
My husband, Leo.

What Keeps You Coming Back To CorePhysique? 
Core keeps me sane, fit, social and happy ?

What Is The Best Thing That Has Changed About Your Life Since Committing To A Healthy Lifestyle? 
I feel healthier & stronger than ever!