Written by Natalie, Core Manager, Nutritionist, & Trainer

My goal is to keep you healthy from the inside out with the healthy food and nutrition tips to keep you on track!  Whether you’re looking to lean down, drop your cholesterol, get your blood pressure under control or take the load off your joints – making a plan and sticking with it will help you reach your fitness goals!

How many times have you been so hangry that you don’t care what you consume you just want to eat!  Or you forget to pack your lunch and end up eating things from the vending machine or closest fast food restaurant?  We’ve all been there and will have to do that every now and again – however, being prepared in those moments will make a difference in the long-term goal.  It seems like it will take lots of time and effort but once you pick out recipes, go to grocery and get meal and snack prep you’ve saved lots of time in the kitchen for the week.  I like to think as my Sunday routines as “getting ready for battle”. We all are busy, we always have something to do, somewhere to go, meetings/kids/trips/work and so on that take us by surprise and take you off guard. One of the most important things you can do to help make positive changes in your goals is by getting your nutrition in check.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1) Be prepared, very prepared! You must get ready for the week on the weekend before.  What’s for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Snacks?  Don’t have time?  What is the healthiest restaurant you can find? Snacks or meals at the airport?  Those who fail to plan, plan to fail 😉

2) Have your grocery list ready by the end of the weekend and get groceries prior to Monday. Make sure to stick to the list and try not to go when you’re starving as all food looks delish and you may walk out of the store with more than you need or really want.

3) Always have fresh veggies and fruit around for snacks and to add to meals (wash & cut so you don’t waste time during the week).  I make an enormous bowl of colorful salad mix to eat throughout the week. That way I just grab a couple of handfuls and add some lean protein and I’m set for a meal.

4) Always have extra protein cooked to add to salads, snacks and your kids plate. This could be hard boiled chicken, fish, turkey, lean meat, lentils/beans/peas (for you vegetarians out there).

5) Don’t buy things that you know you don’t need! I have a major sweet tooth so if I make homemade chocolate chip cookies, I will eat them, all of them 🙂 Studies show that if you have stashes of your favorite junk foods around the house (even if you hide them from yourself) you will eventually give in and eat them!  You have only so much reserve for will power and by the time you do what you have to do in a day you’re spent and this is typically when we reach for the unhealthy stuff.

6) If you know you have some travel days ahead of you or long hours at the desk make sure to get things that can go in the desk drawer, office refrigerator or briefcase to keep you on track (i.e. nuts and seeds, fresh fruit, raw veggies (lots of them), Greek yogurt, string cheese, nut butter, hard boiled eggs and protein powder).

7)  Be CONSISTENT!  Just know the more consistent you are with making healthy meals and snacks, thinking about the week ahead, preparing and bringing your body will thank you from the inside and out!  Just be patient and trust the process!