Q: What could be causing this pain in my body?

A: Muscle knots, or trigger points, are an annoyance most active people can expect to feel somewhat regularly. They are tender spots or bands on the body that can cause pain referred or local.

Trigger Points can be caused when the muscle becomes chronically stressed or overloaded. A knot can occur when too much pressure is constantly put on the muscle (so make sure that you’re not overdoing it . Also, Trigger Points can occur to areas of injury or areas that have shut down do to inactivity.  Unfortunately, leaving trigger points to fix themselves,  doesn’t work. You need to actively try to engage the trigger point.  If you go untreated, your body will compensate for these tight muscles and then you will develop tightness/weakness elsewhere.  YIKES!!

Fortunately, there are self-massage classes and techniques that can help you alleviate the pain when it creeps up. In the Core Trigger Point classes we use foam rollers, balls, block and other type of rollers to whittle away these tight areas. You may feel some pain when implementing self massage techniques in the gym setting or class setting. However, it should still be bearable. If it’s too painful and you’re wincing in response, then you need to ease up on the pressure a bit. You should feel a good pain. When you eventually release constricted areas in the muscle to relieve pain and help you regain mobility/range of motion. It can significantly relax your muscles and release tension, often after just one session. Performing Trigger Point can prevent injury to an area by getting rid of that tug you develop from the constriction.  Performing the techniques causes your body to hydrate itself in areas that need flushed out.

In summary, Trigger Point therapy helps release constricted areas, increases flexibility, Increases Range of Motion, reduces injury and prepares the body for work.   More and more research is showing an individual should do one recovery class a week and Trigger Point classes are recovery classes.  Core Physique and Core 57 are two gyms that offer Trigger Point therapy/classes.  When are you going to make an appointment?  Kolleen Riddick Losch and Fran Ritter are both Trigger Point certified.. so come join us in a class!