What do I eat before I workout??

The question of the day!  There are so many answers to this – not only does it depend on when you are training (morning, afternoon and evening) but what your ultimate goal is.

  • Are you an avid gym-goer looking to stay fit to keep up with your kids and grandkids?
  • Do you run endurance races, triathlons, cycle and so on?
  • Do you want to put on mass and grow serious muscle?
  • Are you a teen looking to play better in your sport?
  • Are you a new mom trying to get to your pre-pregnancy weight?
  • And the list goes on and on…

So many different types of individuals, of all ages, sizes and goals.  As you can see, there is no one short answer to this as so much depends on the individual.  Ideally, I’d love to meet with each person individually to discuss goals, history, medical conditions, lifestyle and so on to get a true representation of how to help guide you but I’ll give you a general rule to help point you in the right direction.

The early morning coffee crew –you are such special people.  If you’re the before the sun rises go-getter what you eat before you workout depends.  Did you eat a late dinner (and have enough calories the day before) that will help fuel you for an early morning workout?  If not, you may benefit for eating a little something…just not a big meal.  Do you need energy?  Would ½ banana work based on your goals?  One hard-boiled egg? Handful of nuts?  Beachbar (on counter)? No appetite and no-food-kind-of person before a workout?  You might just do better with a preworkout drink such as Energize (Core Physique can order for you). This is an easily digestible liquid drink with caffeine among other goodies that will benefit your workout and then some without having to consume solid food.  Trial and error – what works for you, may not work for your gym bestie.  And please don’t forget your water!

My lunch bunch—always happy and ready to kill the workout!  Maybe lunchtime workouts are your jam…did you eat breakfast?  Please have a well-balanced breakfast.  Food makes the muscles happy and grow.  Food is fuel and one must eat enough consistently to see good performance in the gym and progress overtime.  Having a snack mid-morning will work for you as you don’t want to eat a big meal right before your lunch workout as all your energy will be doing its job…digesting food in the gut not giving you enough energy to pump some good iron and make some massive gains in and outside of the gym.  Not to mention you won’t feel your stellar self as you might get an upset stomach or get sick.  Stick to lighter snacks that don’t have too much fat and too much protein.  At Core Physique, we offer protein shakes and bars with a tad of protein and some good carbohydrates that will do the trick.  Core Power (in the fridge), Shakeology packets (on the counter) Beachbar (on the counter) ½ to whole Rx Bar (on the rack).  Grab and go made easy!  And please don’t forget your water!

If you’re the crazy crew in the evening…how much fun are you!  Nothing makes a coach smile is to see you folks walk through the door after sitting in traffic or at your desk all day with your heels and suits dressed for success ;)–Did you eat breakfast, lunch and hopefully a snack or two?  Remember, what you ate prior to you walking through the gym doors really does matters.  Having balanced meals at breakfast and lunch are your friend.  If it was noon when you had lunch and you didn’t eat anything 5 hours later when you want to work out…do you have anything in the tank?  Very doubtful.  Food is fuel so same applies her for snacks as mentioned above with the lunch bunch.  If you forgot to grab some real food snacks from home, Core Physique is here to help you.  And please don’t forget your water!

If you question your nutrition and where to go from here please feel free to schedule your free nutrition assessment with Natalie!  You can email her at natalie@core57.com and she will be more than happy to make sure you’re on track to reach your health and fitness goals!