Just eat real food!

Yes, it’s that simple, not too much, not too little.   If it can grow on a tree, grow from the ground, walk, swim or fly–it’s real food.  Your body is a smart machine that can digest real food and put the nutrients where they need to go – to your bones, muscles, organs, brain and so on.  When you consume foods that have a lot of ingredients in it (processed) it may take your body longer to break down which can slow down your digestion and slow your rate of nutrients getting absorbed, if at all.

For most people, we encourage that they have a handful or two of lean protein, half a plate of veggies and a handful or two of fibrous carbohydrates.  Assuming most people cook with oil, add avocado, nuts or nut butter to their diet, the fat is enough.

Based on the individual and their needs and goals, we can determine how much of proteins, carbs, fat and fiber is needed.  There is no diet that fits all but most of the time if you can stay around the outside of the grocery aisles or better yet, go to the farmers market to get most of your food, your body will thank you both on the inside and the outside.

At Core Physique, we have a lot of supplemental proteins and snacks to help aid your body to do what it needs to do based on your goals, but there is nothing better than the real thing.

If you’re the type person who needs convincing before trying something new, be sure to read this article on why you need to Eat Real Food!


If you’re not sure what and how much to eat based on your individual goals, please set-up your 15 minute free nutrition consult with our very own registered dietitian, Natalie Logan.